Up The Engagement


Why should I attend?

In an average work week an engineer will sit through ~15 hours of presentations.  More if an engineering manager.

How often does a technical presentation fail to engage you?

Engaging engineering presentations hinge on how much the audience understands, remembers, and believes.

Attend this webinar to up the engagement of your audience for your next presentation.

“I had the privilege of attending Anne Meixner's outstanding Up the Engagement training at a crucial juncture in my professional development, immediately before beginning a master's program in Environmental and Water Engineering at Colorado School of Mines. Anne's framework for presenting complex technical information in a manner that is both informative AND engaging made it easy for me to deliver outstanding technical engineering presentations to my professors, classmates, and research colleagues. Her strategy was easy to use, quick to prepare, and highly effective.” - Colin Wilson


Colin benefited from attending this 90-minute webinar. You can too!

Cognitive science and communication research has demonstrated that focusing on a narrative taps into how our brains work.  Simply put we remember stories better than a set of facts.

You ask how is this possible with technical content?

This webinar will provide an overview of the Assertion by Evidence format developed at Penn State for technical presentations. This format naturally lends itself to storytelling.

Engage your peers and management with your content by increasing the use of images, data and graphs in a manner that focuses on your message.

Additional content will be drawn from Tufte, Nossbaumer-Knaflic and Durate—well known advocates of clear communication.

You will have an opportunity to apply new techniques by improving presentations during the webinar.


Meet the Engineer

As a senior engineer Anne Meixner has presented hundreds of engineering presentations.

Active in the semiconductor industry she has presented at technical conferences and twice has been awarded best paper.
Anne has a passion for coaching engineers to present their work to their peers and management

What you'll get:

  • Interactive webinar which provides an opportunity to immediately apply the learnings.
  • Ample time for Q&A
  • Access to the webinar recording for 1 year
  • Opportunity to sign-up for a follow-on call

You’ll also receive the following handouts:

  • Summary of webinar content
  • Resources on technical communications,
  • Template for feedback on technical presentations

Make your next engineering presentation more engaging and effective by applying best known practices.

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