Which path do you want to take as an Engineer?


If you have NO desire to be an engineering executive then this brief webinar is for you.



We all need guides when traveling to new places.
Your engineering career is no exception!
My Engineer Career Growth Plan provides you a guide to reflect on possible ways you can grow.  There's a lot to consider and you can't learn everything at once.

Learn from my 35 years experience of growing as technical individual contributor and leading cross-functional engineering teams.
You'll receive an overview of my 3 part model for your growth as an engineer
  • Attributes of Technical Leaders
  • Move from Contributor to Leader
  • Build Underlying Skills
We live in a world with complicated problems to solve and engineering teams will be solving these problems. 
To participate you continue to expand your technical knowledge. 

To participate you also need to develop your relationship skills.

It can take just as long to strengthen your listening skills as it does to become conversant about a new technology.

I invite you to invest in developing the technical and human skills to grow as an engineer.
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Introduction to an Engineer Career Growth Plan
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Introduction to an Engineer Career Growth Plan
$47.00 USD
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