17 Dec Noon Pacific Standard Time
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Demystifying the Engineer Career Path
Chart your engineering technical path
 using  guidance from an established 
engineer  who has been successful in both 
 technical accomplishments 
and leading engineer teams
Anne has a passion for assisting  engineers to find a technical path that enriches their engineering soul 
As a senior engineer Anne Meixner has lead cross-functional and cross-business unit engineering teams that delivered test methods for complex semiconductors.   Active in the semiconductor test industry she currently supports IEEE P2427 as the editor.
Meet the Engineer
  • Four Attributes: Technical, Business Acumen, Leadership, Growing Others
  • Building Underlying Skills
  • Moving from Contributor to Leader
Learn about an engineer career growth model based upon:
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You will have an opportunity to questions relevant to your engineering career
Identify the area you want to grow to pursue your technical trail               
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Demystifying the Engineer Career Path- 17 Dec
There exist multiple paths to grow in your engineer career path. This introduction will assist attending engineers in navigating growth along an engineering career path. I look forward to providing guidance.
12/17/20, 12:00 pm